Traka L-Series Intelligent Key Cabinets

Traka L-Series Intelligent Key Cabinets

The L-Series key cabinet system is designed especially for larger organizations with a high key turnover, or where centralized key storage is mandated.

Traka’s L-Series is a sophisticated key management system that has intelligence built in. The key cabinet can operate as a standalone solution that requires no IT network or server to manage the database. Alternatively, it can be networked with our enterprise software platform, Traka Web. A full audit trail of all key transactions is retained within the system, and can also be accessed any time via customized reporting.

The L-Series cabinets are best managed from Traka’s intuitive software, Traka Web, which poses the opportunity to integrate the system to existing databases, streamlining administration.

For additional capacity, the L-Series can connect extension cabinets allowing up to 720 keys to be managed from a single control pod, and can expand to thousands of networked cabinets utilizing Traka Web.

L-Series Key Cabinet Advantages

Effortless management over large key inventory

Restricted key access to vehicles, equipment and secure areas

Users can check out and return keys in seconds

Detailed audit reports and usage information

Modular design allows expansion of the system as your needs grow.

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