Schlage AD-250 Standalone Lock

Schlage AD-250 Standalone Lock

The AD-250 is a unique offline lock solution in which the credential, not the lock, carries access rights on a magnetic stripe card. This allows dynamic rights management on the card without reprogramming each lock in the facility, yet the lock still maintains an audit trail of events at the door. This makes it a smart and economical solution for campus environments with a large number of users and offline openings. The AD-250 is easily upgradable to a networked wireless lock if requirements change in the future.

The handheld device (HHD), when used in conjunction with your access control software, allows you to update lock programming and retrieve audits. Lock and unlock schedules, as well as time zones and holidays can be programmed through software provider solution for added security and convenience.

AD Series electronic locks from Schlage are designed to be modular and provide more options to choose from, more functionality in the lock and more compatibility with existing systems. Its patent-pending modular design allows the lock to be customized to fit the needs of an application now, and can change to meet future needs without removing it from the door.

Features and benefits:


Electronics bring more visibility and control to the opening

Allows an unlimited number of users1 with audit trail of up to 10,000 events1

Classroom/storeroom, office, privacy and apartment functions available

Dual authentication capability when installed with keypad + card reader


Add users without visiting lock – user rights are stored on magnetic swipe credentials

Supports holidays and time zones1 to enable auto lock and unlock during specified periods

Modular design enables upgrade from standalone lock to networked locking solution without removing lock from door


Up to 2 years battery life with status indicator for easy maintenance

Programming updates can be made immediately at the door using handheld device.

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