Mircom Slimline Electronic Directory TX3-200-4U-C

Mircom Slimline Electronic Directory TX3-200-4U-C

Mircom’s TX3 Slim Line Telephone Access Systems are designed to provide primary resident/visitor access control for small condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings with up to 200 residents or users. The slim design is ideal for applications with limited space, or for applications where a separate directory exists or is not required.

The Universal Series enclosure is constructed of a heavy gauge stainless steel and can be used in a lobby or outdoors. Surface, semi-flush or pedestal mount applications are supported. The Universal Series enclosure features a built-in rain hood, microphone, tamper resistant speaker and has provisions for a postal lock and color camera to be installed.

The TX3 Slim Line systems feature a back-lit 4 line by 20 character electronic LCD display that scrolls a programmable banner message as well as the resident names and dial codes. The system also features a 16 digit backlit telephone style keypad with dedicated operational buttons for Page Up, Page Down, Call and Info. In addition, the system features a configurable multilingual display and voice prompts with a choice of English, Spanish, or French-Canadian.

The systems are programmable via the built-in keypad or using a computer with the optional TX3 configuration software. In addition the systems can also be configured remotely using the TX3 configuration software and the TX3-MDM Modem Module.

The TX3 Slim Line systems utilize a hands-free, full duplex telephone communications between residents and visitors for granting access into the building. The systems are configurable to support both an AutoDialer (ADC) system, which uses a dedicated phone line to dial preprogrammed numbers when the unique directory code is entered, and a No Phone Bill (NSL) system, which does not require a dedicated phone line.

The TX3 Slim Line systems come standard as an ADC system and requires only a dedicated phone line. For NSL configuration the systems requires additional hardware components such as relay cards and relay cabinets.

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