Frost 2000 Big Thaw, Salt/Sand/Storage Bin

Frost 2000 Big Thaw, Salt/Sand/Storage Bin

51 imp gal., 61.25 US gal., 8.25 cu.ft., 234 litres.


  • All steel construction heavy gauge HRS, lid 16 gauge steel, body 18 gauge steel.
  • Rotationally moulded polyethylene storage liner included.


  • RAL super durable TGIC-free polyester powder coating provides rust proof finish. Tested to survive harsh summer and winter weather.


  • Storage container has a counterbalanced lid for safe opening and closing and easy access. Lockable attachment included.
  • Sealed storage compartment helps extend the storage life of salt or sand. Holds up to 750 lbs. depending on material density.
  • Storage container is also perfect for storing chemical supplies, industrial tools and equipment, and any other items that require a lockable heavy duty storage solution.
  • Hidden feet allow unit to be anchored to ground.
  • No assembly required.
  • Unique design of the storage container is part of a family of integrated products.
  • Clean detailing in a rugged practical application. Perfect for use at office buildings, schools, retail outlets, and other commercial properties requiring maximum durability and attractive looks.

Dimensions: 36″w x 27.75″h x 25.5″d
InstallationHoles provided for anchor mounting.
Warranty:  1 year warranty against defective workmanship


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