Exceliner FRP Wall and Ceiling Liner Panels


Maximum Sanitation Protection · Meets USDA and Agricultire Canada Standards · Factory Mutual and ULC Listed product · Maximum sanitation protection · Significant cost savings over other materials. Excellent Quality · Years of dependable performance · Resin rich surface that is tough & easy to clean · Meets todays high sanitation standards Outstanding Cleanability · Resists moisture · Cleans with regular detergents and water Improved Chemical Resistance · Resists stains · Rust proof · Mildew resistant · Minimum maintenance and never needs painting. Low Cost Installation · Easy to handle and install in any type of construction,  and over any type of existing wall surface · No special tools needed · More economical than stainless steel or ceramic tile Highly Impact Resistant · Extremely high strength to weight ratio · Tough surface that resists shattering, scratches  and abrasions Four Surface Finishes

  1. Traditional pebbled finish (TOS)
  2. Smooth finish
  3. Premium gel coat
  4. Marble


  • Division Bar
  • Outside Corner
  • Inside Corner
  • End Cap
  • Nylon Rivets
  • Water-based Adhesive
  • Solvent-based Adhesive
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