Egan EVS Surface Whiteboard

Egan EVS Surface Whiteboard

EVS is Egan’s proprietary whiteboard surface that out-performs porcelain boards. It has a lower gloss compared to porcelain, which means less glare and greater visibility from all angles. It is the most resistant whiteboard surface to ghosting and stains and will retain its bright white surface for decades.

The Egan EVS Surface Whiteboard has the following features:

  • Guaranteed to clean
  • Flexible design
  • Magnet compatible
  • Low gloss/glare
  • Print with EganINK
  • 160 degree viewing angle
  • Ideal for projection
  • GreenGuard Gold


  • Built to handle the toughest environments
  • Offers choices unlike porcelain and glass
  • Smooth matte surface that is easy on the eyes


(60° Gloss Meter)

Surface appearance:
Pure white finish with no texture or surface blemishes.

Permanent and dry-erase markers are guaranteed-to-clean.

Very good when used with a 2500 ANSI-lumen projector.

Technical Comment:
Surface is available in preassembled magnetic markerboards, self- adhesive backing, magnetically mounted and wallcovering surfaces, and can be custom cut to any size.

Egan guarantees that EVS can be cleaned back to the original white for 10 years, which is the longest clean-ability warranty in the industry.


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