Canadian Mailbox 1100-FL (Front Load), 1100-BL (Back Load) Horizontal Interior Mailbox


  • On front load units, one compartment is allocated for Crown lock, unless the partial door option is requested.
  • When ordering give height first.


  • Natural anodized aluminum surface materials.
  • Front loading mailboxes are constructed of heavy gauge extruded aluminum doors and support bars that provide the highest degree of appearance and security.
  • Mailbox compartments are constructed of heavy gauge metal with extruded aluminum support bars.
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 compartments wide.
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 compartments high.
  • Locks are 5-pin cylinder cam type, 2 keys each,1000 changes.
  • Engraved plastic number plates with clear window and metal backing specify numbering sequence.
  • Optional heights of over 8 doors high are available upon request.
  • Maximum 6 doors wide, based on “A” size doors.
  • Upon request, gate can open to the left at no extra charge.
  • CMC master lock available in lieu of Postal lock, for private use on all models.
  • One compartment is convertible to receive posted mail with postmasters approval.
  • Doors A, BH, BV, C, D, E can be put on a unit at no extra charge.
  • Optional snap-on trim can be supplied. Trim is 1-1/4″ wide and comes in matching finish to the box. Mounting screws and clips are provided.
  • Hanging rear cover optional on 1100-BL model, equipped with cam ock or adapted for Canada Post lock.

Partial Door Option: The postal lock door can be simultaneously used as a tenant door by installing a partial door. Can be provided on any size door. Easy Installation: Completely assembled at the factory and require no field assembly. Available Handicap Logo: Engraved or stick-on type. Please specify. Meets or exceeds Canada Post standards. Optional Rough Wall Opening Sizes:

IMPORTANT: When ordering, specify height x width
Compartments H x WHeightWidth
3 x 317-1/2″(44.5 cm)21-1/8″(53.8 cm)
3 x 417-1/2″(44.5 cm)27-5/8″(70.0 cm)
3 x 517-1/2″(44.5 cm)34″(86.5 cm)
3 x 617-1/2″(44.5 cm)40-7/16″(102.2 cm)
4 x 323-3/4″(58.3 cm)21-1/8″(53.8 cm)
4 x 423-3/4″(58.3 cm)27-5/8″(70.0 cm)
4 x 523-3/4″(58.3 cm)34″(86.5 cm)
4 x 623-3/4″(58.3 cm)40-7/16″(102.2 cm)
5 x 328-1/4″(71.8 cm)21-1/8″(53.8 cm)
5 x 428-1/4″(71.8 cm)27-5/8″(70.0 cm)
5 x 528-1/4″(71.8 cm)34″(86.5 cm)
5 x 628-1/4″(71.8 cm)40-7/16″(102.2 cm)
6 x 333-3/4″(85.8 cm)21-1/8″(53.8 cm)
6 x 433-3/4″(85.8 cm)27-5/8″(70.0 cm)
6 x 533-3/4″(85.8 cm)34″(86.5 cm)
6 x 633-3/4″(85.8 cm)40-7/16″(102.2 cm)
7 x 339-1/4″(99.4 cm)21-1/8″(53.8 cm)
7 x 439-1/4″(99.4 cm)27-5/8″(70.0 cm)
7 x 539-1/4″(99.4 cm)34″(86.5 cm)
7 x 639-1/4″(99.4 cm)40-7/16″(102.2 cm)
8 x 344-1/2″(113.0 cm)21-1/8″(53.8 cm)
8 x 444-1/2″(113.0 cm)27-5/8″(70.0 cm)
8 x 544-1/2″(113.0 cm)34″(86.5 cm)
8 x 644-1/2″(113.0 cm)40-7/16″(102.2 cm)

Optional Approximate Door (Not Unit) Size:

A5″(12.7 cm)6-3/8″(16.2 cm)
BH5″(12.7 cm)12-7/8″(32.8 cm)
BV10-3/8″(26.4 cm)6-3/8″(16.2 cm)
C10-3/8″(26.4 cm)12-7/8″(32.8 cm)
D15-3/4″(40.0 cm)12-7/8″(32.8 cm)
E21″(53.3 cm)12-7/8″(32.8 cm)
F26-1/4″(66.7 cm)12-7/8″(32.8 cm)
G32″(81.3 cm)12-7/8″(32.8 cm)
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