Alvarado SU2000 Barrier Free Optical Turnstile

Alvarado SU2000 Barrier Free Optical Turnstile

Our SU2000 barrier free optical turnstile is a great option for access control applications in an environment where an attendant is present. Featuring a highly intelligent optical detection system, the SU2000 has an extremely compact footprint making it perfect for applications where space is at a premium.

Secured Entry Control Applications:

Main lobby access

Employee entrances

Elevator bank access

People counting

Visitor management

Security application suitable for:

Corporate Security

Industrial Facilities

Government Security

Higher Education

Health and Fitness

Streamlined Design

The SU2000 barrier free optical turnstile has a very compact cabinet that saves valuable floor space. Its slim profile, attractive brushed finish stainless steel cabinet and solid surface lid creates a very upscale look suitable for nearly any environment. Both standard and handicapped passage width configurations have the same cabinet dimensions.

Efficient Operation

The SU2000 optical turnstile provides barrier free access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. In controlled passage mode, upon receipt of a “valid” signal from the access control system, the SU2000 optical turnstile allows a single user to pass through the turnstile in the requested direction. If an unauthorized user attempts to tailgate on the valid entry, or attempts to enter without authorization, the integrated sensors recognize the illegal passage and sound an alarm.

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