Alvarado: Benefits of Optical Turnstiles in Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of Optical Turnstiles

At Allmar, our consultants work with you to provide expert solutions & support, including access control systems, surveillance systems, package reception systems, and security and traffic flow systems. Our track record of success equips us to design effective customized solutions based on your needs, budget, and multifaceted requirements. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated, giving you greater flexibility and peace of mind. This recent article from Alvarado on the benefits of optical turnstiles for healthcare facilities highlights the convenience, security and cost-savings provided by these solutions.

Control traffic flow and access without compromising design with Alvarado’s optical turnstiles, while providing a superior combination of security, safety, and aesthetics. Control staff-only/visitor access points, streamline your access control in high-traffic areas, minimize staffing costs to maintain access, all while easily integrating into other access control systems, surveillance, and fire and life safety systems. Check out Alvarado’s article unpacking these benefits further:

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are busy places. With a constant stream of people coming and going, coupled with the need to protect patient privacy and safety, the job of keeping a hospital secure can raise some challenging questions. How do you limit access to specific areas? How do you easily enforce visiting hours? How is the staff alerted when there is a potential security threat? The typical answer for questions like these is to hire more security staff—a costly option.
Recently installed at multiple national healthcare facilities, Alvarado’s SU5000 optical turnstiles have transformed a logistical access control nightmare into a fully automated entry solution that controls access and allows staff to focus on other tasks.

Controlling Staff-Only / Visitor Access Points

When used to control access in staff-only areas, Alvarado turnstiles allow only those with proper credentials to access the secured side. Through the facility’s access control system, different staff credentials can be set based on location or security level, such as emergency departments and maternity units.

For visitor access, Alvarado turnstiles can be used to control guest flow through the lobby and allow access to approved-visitor areas only. A forced or unauthorized entrance will result in an alarm and more than likely, a response from the security staff. Hospital issued temporary ID’s can activate the turnstile, allowing the visitor to enter the approved area.

In both staff and visitor instances, the turnstile’s exit mode can also be configured based on facility requirements. In higher security locations, credentials can be required to enter and exit the turnstile. In areas where only entry credentials are needed, the turnstile can be programmed to allow visitors or employees to exit freely.

Superior Combination of Security, Safety and Aesthetics

Security and safety features provide a safe environment for patients, guests and staff, and include tailgating and crawl detection, safety systems integration and customizable alarm settings—just to name a few. The state-of-the-art safety features combined with an elegant user-friendly design provide a consummate blend of safety, functionality, and aesthetics. The result is an elegant, low profile solution that provides secure and reliable access to both staff and visitors.

Easy Integration

Integrating Alvarado turnstiles into your facility is quick and easy. Alvarado turnstiles integrate with virtually any existing access control system, and dedicated inputs for fire or life safety systems are provided. Outputs are available to turn on cameras, lock interior doors and provide remote notification of alarm events. Solutions from Alvarado can accept various credential readers, including barcode scanners, RFID and emerging technologies such as biometrics and elevator dispatch.

Alvarado Advantage

Alvarado is America’s leading entry control products manufacturer. Founded in 1956, Alvarado turnstiles and gates are installed in hundreds of lobbies throughout the world. Alvarado’s superior product quality, integration expertise and industry leading service and support are just a few reasons that many of the world’s most respected companies use Alvarado products.

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Benefits of Optical Turnstiles

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Benefits of Optical Turnstiles

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