Traka M-Series Intelligent Key Cabinets

Traka M-Series Intelligent Key Cabinets

Traka’s M-Series key cabinet is perfect for smaller applications, or where decentralization is desired, putting keys where they are needed most within a facility.

Traka’s M-Series is a sophisticated key management system that has intelligence built in. The key cabinet can operate as a standalone solution that requires no IT network or server to manage the database. Alternatively, it can be networked with our enterprise software platform, Traka Web. A full audit trail of all key transactions is retained within the system, and can also be accessed any time via customized reporting.

Receptor strips are available as locking or non-locking. Locking receptor strips lock the iFob™ in place restricting access to authorized personnel down to the individual key. Non-locking receptor strips provide a solution for organizations requiring less security, while still receiving a full audit of key usage.

An unlimited number of M-Series cabinets can be networked together and controlled from a central PC or server.

Traka’s M-Series key cabinet solutions help organizations to:

Ensure keys are available 24/7

Restrict key access to authorized users only

Monitor usage and generate audit reports including date, time, user and other useful information

Increase accountability and productivity.

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