Standard Whiteboard


This Porcelain steel standard whiteboard has a glass-smooth, non-porous writing surface. Steel-based whiteboards can be used in combination with magnets and the surface can double as a projection screen.

“Write-on, wipe-off” marker pens are available in a wide variety of colours. These pens can be easily erased with a standard eraser or cloth, leaving no traces of dust or smudges.

Maximum size without divider 12′ x 4′. Colours: white only.

This high quality standard whiteboard combines every advanced feature of modern porcelain enameling technique. By carefully controlled methods, the enamel is applied automatically to a uniform thickness and fired under rigidly controlled temperatures to fuse the porcelain permanently to the steel. This produces a colorfast and highly scratch and stain resistant surface with unexcelled writing and erasing qualities.

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