Norton Automatics 5600

Norton Automatics 5600

The 5600 Series provides a straightforward solution for interior, non-fire rated doors that need to be automated to offer ADA-compliant accessibility.  The 5600 Series Operators offer functionality and control at an affordable price. Ideal for retrofit applications, the 5600 Series converts interior, non-fire rated doors for ADA compliance easily and affordably and provides a simple way to achieve touchless environments in public restrooms. Available for push or pull mounting, this unit can be operated manually or activated by wall switches, or radio frequency devices. Easy to install, set-up and adjust, the 5600 Series is perfect for ADA-compliant offices, classrooms and dorm rooms, and touch free applications like public restrooms, labs and examination rooms.


  • Adjustable Hold Open › Amount of time a door will stay in the full open position after an activation
  • Executive Mode Feature › When door receives activation signal it opens and remains open until either a second signal is received or door is manually moved in closing direction
  • Obstruction Detection › Motor stops if door is obstructed during opening; door will rest against obstruction
  • On/Off Switch › Disables operator activation
  • Open Delay › Delays operator opening for locking hardware
  • Overload Safety Shut-Off › After 2 minutes of receiving a door activation signal, inverter times out and door closes › Prevents motor/inverter damage
  • Push & Go › As the door is manually opened, the operator “senses” movement and opens door to the full-open position

Product Downloads: Norton Automatics 5600 Specsheet

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