Magnuson Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

One, two or three shelves can be vertically adjusted in their steel channels to provide needed space between shelves and appropriate hanging distance to the floor WU boot shelf or utility shelf style. SPECIFICATIONS Finish and install Architectural Series Model number. coat and hat racks as manufactured by Magnuson Group Inc., Burr Ridge, Illinois.

  • Shelves shall consist of four 3/4″ square 18 gauge baked enamel steel, adonized aluminum or walnut vinyl clad tubes.
  • Brackets shall be 18 gauge die formed and welded box construction steel arm and back plate with bracket cap to positively hold and enclose tube ends.
  • Wall Mounts shall be 16 gauge formed steel “U” channels to provide large load bearing surface on wall and height adjustment of shelves; to be fitted with moulded end closures.
  • Hooks shall be 14 gauge die formed steel, vinyl coated for safety and rust resistance; three pronged design provides high storage capacity.
  • Hanger Style WH Series: Wall rack hanger shall be 1″ O.D. 18 gauge chrome-plated round steel tube plugged at ends. Optional hangers shall be provided of manufacturers model # . . . spaced . . . hangers per lineal foot of hanger bar. Available with one (WH01A), two (WH02A) or three (WH03A) shelves which can be vertically adjusted.
  • Hook Style WK Series: Triple prong vinyl coated steel hooks (Model K-73) shall be mounted on 2nd and 4th tubes per manufacturer’s standard arrangement and number. Hooks shall be of manufacturers standard colors of gray or black as selected by architect. Available with one (WK01A), two (WK02A) or three (WK03A) shelves which can be vertically adjusted.
  • Utility/Boot Shelf WU Series:  WU01A single shelf boot rack shall be mounted . . . from floor in specified length. WU01A can be used as utility shelf or in conjunction with hangers and receptacles mounted on first tube. Receptacles shall be model SR34 spaced . . . per foot with MG17B ball top hardwood hangers or MG17PX T-top plastic hangers.


  • Shelf Tubes: Choose from manufacturers’ standard colours of medium gray, light beige or dark brown baked enamel, silver adonized aluminum or walnut vinyl clad steel.
  • Shelf Brackets: Choose from manufacturers’ standard colors of medium gray, light beige or dark brown baked enamel steel.
  • Enamel Colours for racks and hooks: blueberry, evergreen, black, sandstone and medium grey.


  • WH-01A:  hanger style wall rack (shown with optional MG17PH hanger)
  • WU-01A:  utility/boot shelf can also be used as hanger style rack utilizing SR34 receptacles and ball or T-top hangers
  • SR34:  receptacle, black
  • WK-02A:  double shelf hook style rack with K73 triple prong hooks
  • K73:  triple prong hook, gray
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