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Kaba Ilco 1000 Cylindrical Knob Lock

Kaba Ilco 1000 Cylindrical Knob Lock

The Heavy Duty product family provides exterior access by combination, while allowing egress to be free, by combination or with an exit device. The Heavy Duty product family locksets limit access to high-traffic, security-sensitive areas in commercial, institutional, residential, industrial, government and military buildings. These locks are ideal for locations with frequent personnel turnover such as data processing centers, employee entrances, motels, dormitories, volunteer fire departments, and in hospitals and airports. FEATURES

  • Ease of installation: The 1000, L1000, and EE1000 locks retrofit cylindrical and tubular locksets with 2 3⁄4″ (70 mm) backset. 8100 Series retrofits standard (86) mortise preparation with optional deadbolt.
  • An inside trim plate adds to the ease of installation and aesthetic appeal of the cylindrical and tubular or mortise lockset.

OPTIONAL FEATURES Key override: Can be used to override the lock combination and gain access using a key. This feature allows emergency access to facilities and allows them to initiate or maintain a master-keyed security system (keyed alike or keyed differently). The lock accepts removable core cylinders, which is a recommended feature for single door accessed areas.

  • Model EE1000: Key override is available on one or both sides of lock.

Passage: Allows access without using the lock entry code, keeping the door unlocked even while closed. This feature is activated from the inside with a thumbturn or key (included with all passage feature models). Lockout (privacy): Disables the lock from the inside so that entry codes cannot be used to gain access. Access is permitted using the key override only.

  • Model L1071: Privacy feature is activated by a button on inside lever. Door must be closed to activate.
  • Model 8100: Lockout feature is activated from the inside with a key.
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