Corflex G600 Series Frameless Glass Wall

Corflex G600 Series Frameless Glass Wall

Give access to your space thanks to Corflex’s G600 Series frameless glass wall. Available in individual assembly (G601) or pairs (G602), it is now possible to move them manually and easily.

Composed of a single tempered glass of 12 mm (1/2 inch), Corflex’s G600 frameless glass wall has no floor track, thus eliminating tripping hazards and the accumulation of debris. The panels are equipped with foot locks, and a key lock is also available.

Available in full-height glass, intermediate doors and pivot doors with optional door closer make it easier to access your space. Thanks to their sleek design and the absence of vertical mullions between the panels, Corflex’s frameless glass wall maximizes the contribution of natural light to your space.



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