CBBC White Glass Boards

CBBC White Glass Boards

Enhance your office and collaborative work spaces with CBBC White Glass Boards. The clearest glass board on the market. Canadian Blackboard Company’s (CBBC) white glass boards are made with a 6 mm thick tempered glass with low iron (crystal quality), providing a pure white without any greenish tint. These glass whiteboards are ultra‑resistant to shocks and scratches.

Select a horizontal or vertical board, depending on what works best for your room, and then choose from a number of options.

Choose between a magnetic or non-magnetic option as well as a visible or hidden anchoring system. The white glass board has no perimeter moulding and a polished outline, which gives a very clean and refined look to your room. 
These can be installed horizontally or vertically. By aligning the boards side by side, you can transform your wall into a large “wall-to-wall” glass board up to 8 feet high and the width of your choice.

Transform your glassboard into a one-of-a-kind magnetic writing surface by incorporating graphic elements that are important to you and your organization.

Add a decorative touch or match your glassboard with your work environment with coloured options. Make an impact on your space by choosing one of our 10 standard colours, or use a personalized colour to match the decor of your work space.

CCBC wall mounted glassboards allow you to use almost the entire wall, transforming it into a gigantic, high-quality writing surface. With the magnetic option, you can use it to post important documents. Cover as much space as you want by placing 8 ft. by 4 ft. sections end to end. Maximum dimensions per board: 96 in x 48 in (2440 mm x 1220 mm)

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