CBBC Movable Partition Walls

CBBC Movable Partition Walls

Canadian Blackboard Company’s (CBBC) movable partition walls (series 750) are designed for flexible or temporary arrangements, allowing you to close off your work space or create an isolated space for more impact. These movable walls are easily and safely moved thanks to locking wheels that will not harm your floors. To immobilize your wall, the wheels are equipped with easy to use brakes. Walls are reversible and offer a writing, display, or decorative surface on each side.

Model 750 offers the versatility of a rolling base with locking wheels or fixed adjustable legs. The angular leg design lets you close a section of your workspace or create a temporary carrel for privacy. The wall comes with a magnetic white laminate or white porcelain surface. A magnetic laminated steel surface with different finishes is also available with some combinations. Depending on your needs, you can choose heavy duty locking rubber wheels for mobility or a sturdy adjustable leg design for stability. Model 750 is designed for temporary or adjustable setups.

Model 755 features unique straight narrow legs in an inverted “ T ” shape to blend beautifully with stylish, streamlined decors. The base comes in three colours so you can match the walls to the rest of the room. Different finishes of steel lend an elegant look while providing a suitable surface to display documents. Model 755 is perfect for permanent setups.

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