Bobrick 1540 Classic Series Toilet Partition


  • Priced for moderate to low budget projects.
  • Alternative to dent, scratch and corrosion-prone hollow-core metal partitions.
  • Durable plastic laminate surfaces.
  • Industrial grade particle board.
  • Through-bolted hardware.
  • Resists scratching, gouging, dents and impacts in heavy-traffic retail, foodservice and industrial washrooms.
  • Easy removal of paint and marker ink; graffiti cleans without ghosting.
  • Excellent structural strength; corrosion-resistant.
  • Flame spread and smoke development: has ICC, NFPA Class B ASTM E 84 test result classification, TB-73.

Commercial Hardware is suitable for most office buildings where vandalism is not a significant factor. Furnished as standard for Trimline, Designer, FRP and DuraLine Series.

  1. Heavy-duty stainless steel hinges are attached with theft-resistant one-way screws. Door is held slightly open to indicate compartment is vacant.
  2. Door latch and keeper secures door from inside and prevents door from swinging past stile. Latch handle also serves as door bumper. Elimination of keeper from edge of stile prevents clothing snags. Door latch fastens with concealed screws and keeper attaches with theft-resistant one-way screws.
  3. For emergency access, door lifts from out-side; no key required.
  4. Stainless Steel coat hook protects only 1 1/8 (29mm) from door, reducing risk of injury. Fastens with theft-resitant, stainless steel one-way screws.
  5. Satin-finish stainless steel mounting brackets fasten with Phillips-head screws; theft-resistant one-way screws optional. (Specify part no. 1-370.)

Institutional hardware is available as an option on 1082/1182 Overhead Braced Series and 1086/1186 Floor & Ceiling Anchored Series compartments. (To specify add .67 suffix to series number.) Extra-heavy duty hardware resists vandalism in schools, parks and recreational facilities. Door hardware features concealed attachment into factory-installed threaded metal inserts with no screws exposed on exterior of doors.

  1. Continuous hinge runs full height of door. Type-304 satin-finish stainless steel; extra- heavy-duty 16 gauge (1.6mm). Outswing door has self-closing hinge.
  2. Door latch with shock-resistant nylon track slides into one-piece 11-gauge (3.2mm) stainless steel keeper; withstands vandals’ kicking door in.
  3. For emergency access, door lifts from outside; no key required.
  4. Vinyl-coated doorstops resist vandal’s attempts to kick door out.
  5. U-channels, full-height 18-gauge (1.2mm) type-304 satin-finish stainless steel, secure panels to stiles. Angle brackets secure panels to walls; U-channel on request.
  6. Coat hooks are not furnished; available as optional accessory.

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