The architectural hardware business is one that requires very specific types of expertise.

Allmar Consulting Services

Our consultants are seasoned professionals with years of experience as well as training through strategic vendors and the industry association the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), who provides certifications and credentials.  Whether your need is for product specification, fire safety, specialty hardware, or security, our experienced consultants will work with you to come up with a unique solution for your project.

Throughout our history we’ve had long-standing relationships with industry leading vendors that provide the best selection of products. These vendor partners provide ongoing product training to our sales team to ensure we are aware of the latest trends and product advancements. The industry association DHI provides training and certification for door security and safety professionals, ensuring these professionals are recognized in their ability to interpret codes and standards and provide focused consultation.

DHI’s credential and certification program is recognized throughout the door and hardware industry and within the architectural design community as hallmarks of technical expertise in all aspects of life safety and security involving doors and hardware, developed over the 75 years of its legacy. These marks of excellence attest to the high principles of the holders of these credentials and certifications to professionally provide sound technical advice and counsel to architects, contractors, and building owners, and, with some of the certifications, provide specification writing or consulting services. Holders of the credentials and certifications have demonstrated their incomparable understanding of door, frame, hardware, and electronic access control products and their applications, as well as myriad applicable building codes and product standards, by successfully completing rigorous examinations for these credentials and certifications.


DHT Door + Hardware Technician

The DHT credential is earned by demonstrating the competence to provide product and code application, detailing, estimating, and project management skills on projects with an intermediate level of complexity of occupancy type. This is the first level of technical credential earned for technical competence to assist contractors and building owners with basic construction project issues.

DHC Door + Hardware Consultant

This certified consultant has advanced product and code application knowledge and expertise, and skills proficient to detail, estimate and project manage large and complex projects and existing facility renovations. They are qualified to provide technical consultation to architects, contractors and building owners on the most complex building projects, but do not provide specification writing services.

DHSC Door + Hardware Specification Consultant

This certified consultant has advanced product and code application knowledge and expertise and has the focused skills and proficiency to write or edit CSI format specifications for doors, frames, hardware and electrified hardware systems for large and complex construction projects and existing facility renovations.

ACSC Access Control System Consultant

This certified consultant has advanced product and code application knowledge and expertise, but has specialized skills proficient to design, specify, and oversee installation of electronic access control systems, as well as supply doors and hardware, and provide trade coordination of EAC systems on larger projects.

FDAI Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspector

Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspectors are credentialed individuals who have been trained to visually inspect and perform operational testing of fire and egress door assemblies in accordance with NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, and NFPA 101, Life Safety Code®. They possess an intermediate level of understanding of door, frame, and hardware products and applications and applicable code familiarity to conduct inspections. In addition to performing inspections, they create authorized inspection reports for building owners and can recommend corrective actions necessary for compliance with NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 inspection requirements.


Allmar recognizes DHI legacy credentials including AHC, EHC, CDC and AOC and has numerous staff retaining these legacy credentials.